Completed Projects

1 Private Palaces Abu Dhabi Department of the presidents affairs - A.D. Decorative Internal painting, External coating, Repair of concrete, Gold leaf Wood painting
2 Al-Reef Palace Boundary wall Abu Dhabi Emirates of Abu Dhabi works Department Decorative external coating
3 Traffic coating for Multistory parking structure Khalifa street & Hamdan street A.D Emirates of Abu Dhabi works Department Anti-Carbonation Coating, Flexible water proofing & Protective flooring (Traffic guard)
4 Discovery Gardens Dubai Nakheel Internal painting & External painting works
5 SHK Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque A.D Emirates of Abu Dhabi works Department Internal & External Decorative painting & Metallic gold painting work
6 Conference Palace Hotel A.D C.P.H.E.C. Decorative coating, Gold leaf & G.R.C. coating
7 Mafraq water Treatment plant A.D.M. Concrete repair, Sand blasting, Sealant , Internal painting & External coating
8 Construction of boundary fence for H.H. SHK Mohammed Bin Zayed-Al Nahyan Private Property Management Fencing with foundations and poles
9 Ritz Carlton Hotel & Apartments - Dubai D.I.F.C External thermal insulation & decorative coating finish (Capatect by Caparol)
10 Etihad Interim Terminal Construction SCADIA Decorative Internal painting, External coating, Protective coating for water Tanks, Epoxy flooring & Screed flooring
11 Abu Dhabi Industrial City G.I.C Internal painting, External coating Epoxy flooring & Water proofing work
12 Al Dhafra Air Base/ Runway Abu Dhabi H.Q. of Military works Concrete repair, Expansion joint sealant, Asphalt repair & protection (ASP)
13 Town Center Multi Story Car park Al Ain Municipality Epoxy Floor Coating
14 Boundary walls for Bateen Palace Abu Dhabi Private department of H.H. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Decorative external coating
15 Maintenance, concrete repair & painting at Zayed Sport City Abu Dhabi The Higher committee for Zayed Sport city Concrete repair, Grouting, Re-painting, Steel doors repairs & Repainting works
16 Gasco Head quarters Building Abu Dhabi ZADCO GASCO Internal Decorative painting & Wood painting
17 Renovation of Hilton Hotel Abu Dhabi Hilton Hotel Board false ceiling and partitions Gypsum Cornish Decorative painting
18 Paris Sorbonne university Car Park BLDG.-Abu Dhabi Mubadullah Anti-Carbonation coating to walls & Ceiling
19 Widening & Upgrading of Al Ain-Dubai Road Al Ain Municipality Exposed Concrete Surfaces Anti -carbonation Coating
20 Abu Dhabi Financial Center , Sowah Island Mubdala Development Company PJSC Painting & Epoxy Coating
21 Demolition and re-construction of 24 nos. new image filling station ADNOC Distribution Internal painting & External coating
22 Paris Sorbonne University at Reem Island, Abu Dhabi Mubadullah Painting works & Epoxy Flooring
23 Maintenance, repair & painting Amiri Flight False ceilings, Wooden & steel painting, Fence removal & fixing new Concrete casting, Decorative & Art work painting for V.I.P Air Bridge
24 Third Bridge crossing (SHK Zayed Bridge crossing) A.D Emirates of A.D. works Department Concrete protective coating & Concrete repair
25 U.A.E. University New Campus Development Al Ain Municipality Boundary wall Painting, Epoxy flooring, Water tank Insulation
26 JT Metro RTA Painting work
27 Al Ain Duabi Road Al Ain Municipality Anti-Carbonation Coating
28 Yas Mall Al Dar Epoxy Flooring, Road Marking & Numbering
29 Maqta Bridge Abu Dhabi Emirates of Abu Dhabi works Department Grunting under the bearing pads, Core drilling & grouting
30 The Landmark Tower Project, Abu Dhabi EC Harris International Steel Door Painting
31 Habshan Security measures ADCO Coating of oil & gas Pipes
32 Masdar City Northern Car Park K13 Masdar Anti-Carbonation Coating & Painting works
33 Royal City Season Hotel, Abu Dhabi Musallam Salem Bin Ham Decorative Painting work
34 2 Nos. Boys and Girls Schools in Abu Dhabi Emirates of A.D. works Department Internal painting, Wood painting, External coating
35 Al Wagan Bridge Al Ain Municipality Exposed Concrete Surfaces Anti-carbonation Coating
36 Al Sahel Towers Abu Dhabi PVT Dept. of H.E. SHK M.D. Bin Khalid Al Nahyan Self leveling screed, Epoxy flooring, Road Marking & Numbering
37 Re-habitation of chamber of commerce offices A.D Chamber of commerce & Industry Gypsum partitions, Wall paper, Gypsum ceiling, Decorative painting
38 Dubai International city, Merchandise mark D.I.C Removal of old sealant, Cutting groves in concrete slab, Apply sealant, concrete Repair
39 Saadiyat Link Bridges (Saadyat Island) TDIC Protective coating to bridge structures
40 Water supply schemes for the western region ADWIA Internal External protective coating
41 Construction of Dualling Between Baniyas East-Al Heelieh Road. Department of Municipality Painting of exposed surfaces of concrete structures
42 Novotel and Ibis Hotel - Mussafah A.D. Shk Hamid Bin Sayed Bin Mohd. Al Nahyan Painting Work
43 Al Ain-Nahil Road Al Ain Municipality Bridge Coating
44 Mina Residential complex A.D Private Dept. Internal Decorative painting Special paint finish Special techniques
45 Al Qarnain Island Private Dep. Painting works
46 Construction of central stone facilities A.D ADWIA Steel structure painting, Boundary wall coating
47 Al Ain Stadium and Mixed Used Development AAFQ Holding LLC Painting works
48 The Construction of Garden House H.H. SHK Eisa Bin Zayed Complete construction, Finishing
49 H.H. SHK Hazza Bin Zayed Palace, Abu Dhabi Private Department Decorative Internal coating, Epoxy flooring, External Coating
50 Deeras 1 Buhassa ADCO Protective Coating
51 New extension for Jotun offices Jotun Abu Dhabi External coating, Internal decorative painting, Ceramic tiles, False ceiling, Epoxy flooring
52 19 Villas Complex for H.E. SHK. Diab Zayed Al Nahyan H.E. SHK. Diab Zayed Al Nahyan External painting
53 The construction of 10 water reservoirs Abu Dhabi ADWEA Cemitesious protective coating (water proofing)
54 Baniyas Tower Underground parking ALDAR Properties PJSC Floor Grinding And Floor coating system
55 UAE University Exch. Bridge Al Ain Municipality Exposed Concrete Surfaces Anti -carbonation Coating
56 Re-habilitation of Marfa canning factory Marfa M.C.F Concrete repair, Water Tanks insulation, External coating, Internal painting, Epoxy flooring
57 The Construction of 150 villas Al Qarm Road & Khalidia Abu Dhabi. International Capital Trading Slit stone like finish for the external windows
58 ADNEC area Development Emirates of A.D. works Department Anti-Carbonation Coating
59 The palm Jumeirah Villas Dubai Nakheel False ceiling, Gypsum board, Gypsum Cornish, Internal painting, External coating
60 Presidential Flight Presidential Flight G.R.C. Painting work
61 The construction of 30 villas murror Road Abu Dhabi CAPITAL INVESTMENT External Decorative Heritage finish
62 Interchange at IIP-111 & IP-111A Abu Dhabi Municipality Painting of Exposed Concrete Structures
63 Car Park /SHK Saif Bin Zayed Tower/ Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi. Bloom Property Traffic Deck Coating system
64 Car Park Al Reem Tower, Abu Dhabi. Al Meedan Consultant Traffic Deck Coating system
65 Office H.H Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan- Khalifa City A Private Dep. Anti-Carbonation Coating, Concrete Repairing works
66 Roof insulation @ International Exhibition centre G.E.C. Foam, heat insulation
67 Interchange on Abu Dhabi Al Ain Road P.W.D. Concrete protective coating ,Sand blasting
68 Construction of 52 Villas @ Karama Abu Dhabi Dep. For H.H. SHK Rashid Bin Hamdan External coating
69 Renovation for the Account department Abu Dhabi Mall Glass & Gypsum board partitions, False ceiling, Decorative coating, Carpets, Electrical work
70 Interchanges at IP-111 and IP-111A Abu Dhabi Municipality Epoxy Protective Coating
71 Private Villas B.42 & B.43 Private Sector Decorative Painting Work
72 Abu Al Abiad Bridge Department of Transport Anti-Carbonation Coating
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