Shaddan is the only approved applicator for this unique product developed by Mr David shankman from Miami /Florda /U.S.A since 1976. Mineral life are architectural finishes products for walls and floors externally and internally from the large variety of mineral life products Shaddan started using the lime paint, silicate paint, micro slabtopping, and the patina solution.


Lime paint (Internally)

It gives you natural beauty with the advantage of modern admixtures for durability, adhesion, ease of use, water resistance, UV light resistance, scrubability and colour retention and can be applied in many ways to produce different effects, its natural colours could be earth colours, southwestern or any colour of your choose. Lime paint is also called lieu paint.

Silicate paint (Externally)

It gives a natural live look and have many advautages over other externally paints such as.

  • Acts as fire retardant
  • UV Light resistant.
  • Long service life (15 years and more)
  • Large selection to acid polloution.
  • Green (non-hazayous) without residual odor.
  • Anti-allergenic.
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces (chemical & physical bind)
  • Will not blister or peel
  • Anti-microbial without chemical fungicides.

Patina solutions

This is the most beautiful. Natural finish one can get, its natural reaction with lime gives unique finish can be applied over.

  • Concrete walls & floors Antique finish.
  • Lime paint, real mineral finish.
  • Silicate paints, to produce an Italian old faade finish.

It gives the artist all what he needs to perform and design a marble like floor after polishing the concrete.

Shaddan is the 1st in the Gulf area in concrete diamond polishing using a very efficient grinding machines ( work master) the winner of 2007 best products.