Creation of the months

Art work

August 2011

July 2011
Sky effect - air brush art

June 2011
Heritage wall finish

May 2011
Stone faux finish

April 2011
Marble faux finish

March 2011
Marble faux finish

February 2011
Jerusalem panorama

January 2011
Acid stain on concrete floor

December 2010
Galaxies Airbrush art on ceiling

November 2010
Free hand art on ceiling

October 2010
Art work on floor

September 2010
Special Finish

August 2010
Art Work

July 2010
R.H.S. Textural Heritage Finish, L.H.S. Faux Technique

June 2010
Free Hand Art on Dome

May 2010
Art Work by Shaddan Artest

April 2010
Children Room At Work

March 2010
Free Hand Art Work on Ceiling

February 2010
Epoxy flooring (A.D. Airport)

January 2010
Nahir Rigata

December 2009
Terralit Stone Finish

November 2009
Faux Finish

October 2009
mineral life lime coating with iron patina

September 2009
Block Like Finish

August 2009
Decora Deluxe-Italy

July 2009
Mineral Life Paint with Iron patina wash

June 2009
Mural painting for Children Room

May 2009
Antique goldleaf on Gypsum

April 2009
Art Work

March 2009
Stone-like finish

February 2009

January 2009
Mural Art Work

December 2008
Mural Art Work

November 2008
Mural Art Work

October 2008
Ceiling - sky like effect

September 2008
Techniques - Art Work

August 2008
Mural - Art Work

July 2008
Techniques-Antique Like Finish on the Internal Walls

June 2008
Techniques - Stone Like Finish with Antique coating

May 2008
Techniques - Finishes Petex & Setex

April 2008
Flooring - Acid Art work staining on Concrete

March 2008
Sky Finish - Galaxi Art Work with Air Brush

February 2008
Techniques - Ceramic Like Finish on Internal walls

January 2008